What Our Nation's Leaders Say about NTU:
"Today, I had the distinct honor to sign into law a $1.35 trillion tax relief package for American families. Your [NTU's] support for this fair and responsible measure was crucial to its success. I appreciate your [NTU's] efforts to help pass meaningful tax relief that returns money to every American taxpayer." – President George W. Bush

"My Administration came to Washington to achieve many of the goals shared by the National Taxpayers Union – reduction of income taxes, control of government spending.... [NTU's] support for the across-the-board tax rate reduction and income tax indexing helped pave the way for Congressional adoption of these important reforms during the first years of my Administration...I am deeply grateful for NTU's work." — President Ronald Reagan

"I want to thank you for the great job your organization has done for many years in informing the American people. And thank you for...providing me with knowledge and information over many years."  – Senator John McCain (R-AZ)

"If the liberal spendthrifts in Washington could shut down one grassroots group, it would be their most effective nemesis, the National Taxpayers Union." – former Representative Dick Armey (R-TX), House Majority Leader

"I don’t have a whole lot of respect for a lot of organizations that are inside the beltway, but NTU is an exception, and they deserve a lot of compliments for it." — Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) 
"NTU is an effective, reliable and timely source of information which I call upon quite frequently for my op-ed pieces and media appearance."  — Deroy Murdock
"I am a big fan of the great work that NTU does fighting for the same ideas and same mission ultimately we fight for, limited government and economic freedom and the prosperity that inevitably follow it."
— Pat Toomey, Candidate for U.S. Senate
"NTU  does it right.  They take every measure that has spending in it and rank every vote, and thinks that is as it should be." — Representative Jeff Flake (R-AZ)