Since our founding in 1969, National Taxpayers Union (NTU) has proudly served as the “Voice of America’s Taxpayers.” Our mission: to achieve favorable legislative outcomes using the most powerful, effective pro-taxpayer lobbying team on Capitol Hill and in the states.

Let's face it—the Tax Code is a complicated mess. Our research shows that it takes over 6 billion hours each year for individuals and businesses to comply with the Code. That saps well over $200 billion from our economy annually.  We need sweeping tax reform to make this system both fair and comprehensible for the folks who pay those taxes. And real reform means not just simplifying the Code, but also reducing tax burdens on families and job-creating businesses.

At NTU, taxes are just the beginning. After all, the excessive spending and debt that politicians have racked up in recent years will have to be paid by future taxpayers. That’s why NTU is fighting to reduce spending today, so tomorrow’s generations won’t face higher taxes or lower living standards.

We cannot ignore the role that Big Government has played in reducing economic growth and job creation. NTU works to roll back unnecessary regulations to help promote a thriving free enterprise system and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

We here at NTU promise to fight for taxpayers, so as to ensure that all Americans are able to pursue their dreams without the heavy hand of government holding them back.

NTU is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen group whose members work every day for lower taxes and smaller government at all levels.