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Take Action

Time’s Up: Let’s Repeal Obamacare

Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster for taxpayers and the economy. Seven years after it was signed into law, our health care costs are even greater than before. Americans are paying more and more for less and less. We can’t wait any longer to roll back the harmful policies of Obamacare.

That’s why Congress is jumpstarting the process with an Obamacare repeal resolution that will expedite repeal legislation. Without these tools, repeal could once again be bogged down with partisan wrangling. Contact your legislators today and urge them to support the Obamacare repeal resolution. Take Action


Sign the Petition: #TaxReformNow

It’s clear that our massive tax code is choking the engine of our economy and making financial life more challenging for businesses and families alike. The tax system is broken, but not beyond fixing. The first step to jump start our economy begins with tax reform now! Take Action


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