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The Late Edition: June 26, 2013

by Christina Disomma / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

The Chattanooga Free Press reported on the debt-reducing efforts of Congressional members from Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama, based on NTUF’s BillTally report.

ABC News’ The Note blog remarked on President Obama’s new energy agenda (introduced yesterday), adding to the debate a quote from NTU’s Pete Sepp. 

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) is fighting to remove the charitable contribution deduction from the overall limit on itemized tax deductions, meaning taxpayers could soon deduct all charitable giving from their returns!

Consumer spending grew at a slower-than-expected rate last quarter, a development many economists attribute to the increase in the payroll tax. The tax increase took a bite out of money consumers may have had set aside to spend, resulting in the slow growth.