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Profiles in Liberty: Gordon Miller

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NTUF’s Research Interns are focusing their energies on the BillTally project, which scores EVERY bill introduced in Congress for changes in federal spending. Through our Profiles in Liberty series, we’re presenting each of our summer interns and focusing on the work they’re doing. This week’s edition features Gordon Miller!

NTUF Research Intern Gordon Miller

Gordon hails from Atmore, Alabama. This past spring he graduated from Troy University in Alabama, where he obtained a degree in Music Education and a minor in Leadership Studies. While at Troy, Gordon spent most of his time honing his musical talents (culminating in a semester spent as a student teacher in Troy City Schools), but a holistic approach to education lead him to pursue his interest in both public policy and economics. He helped start a chapter of Students for Liberty at Troy during his time there. 

What has been your favorite part of living and working in the DC area?

GM: The political business of this city is something that I'm not yet used to, and for me, it's quite exciting. The wealth of opportunities present here invigorates and inspires me, as there are so many things in which I could become involved.

What are your career goals?

GM: Establish myself within the public policy and educational arenas. Working for NTUF provides me with the opportunity to expose myself to some of the work required in related jobs and helps me connect with individuals that will help to ensure my future success. 

What do you do for fun?

GM: Outside of the office, I enjoy reading, watching TV, playing video games, exploring the area as much as I can, and spending time with my family and friends. I also go to as many social events as I can, both for the fun and the opportunity to network with various individuals. 

How did you become interested in politics?

GM: Politics has been an interest of mine for several years, but I did not become heavily involved until a couple of years ago when I was approached by a friend who asked me if I would help to start a chapter of Students for Liberty. After assisting with that, I immersed myself in various educational campaigns, conferences, activist events, and group discussions.

What are some of your life achievements which you are particularly proud of?

GM: Over the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to travel to the British Isles and Germany. While there, I met several influential individuals, overcame various personal challenges, and broadened my horizons. In addition, I feel like I left my mark at Troy University with both my participation in the Sound of the South Marching Band and my contributions towards establishing Students for Liberty on campus.

What does a typical day at NTUF look like for you?

GM: I have really enjoyed working for NTUF. The atmosphere is fantastic and the staff members are awesome. They are very concerned with helping us interns get off to the best start in the DC area. A typical day for me starts out with a cup of coffee, and then I dive into BillTally research, where I analyze bills to figure out how they might affect federal spending (whether that means an increase in expenditures or budgetary savings). 

What has been the most interesting bill you have researched at NTUF?

GM: A nuclear disarmament bill. It is a rather controversial bill, but it was incredibly fascinating to research, partly due to the level of controversy surrounding it. In addition, it provided me with insight into how difficult it can be to obtain figures on a bill that is so heavily connected to the Department of Defense.

What advice do you have for future interns?

Do as much as you possibly can for as many people as you possibly can. This mentality and spirit of humility will benefit everyone involved.

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Thanks to Catherine Fitzhugh for developing the Profiles in Liberty series and interviewing our interns.