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Profiles in Liberty: Good Luck Summer Interns!

by Dan Barrett / /

The Profiles in Liberty series has shown you some of the faces behind the work that makes up NTUF’s Taxpayers Tab newsletter, the Government Bytes blog, and the comprehensive BillTally project. Our interns agree that their experience working for NTUF this summer has been both informative and rewarding.

For many of our interns, this has been their first internship in the public policy field. NTUF is happy to have been able to introduce them to the intricacies of government spending through their research this summer and to prepare them to make informed decisions in their future jobs.

Our communications interns have had the opportunity to study taxpayer issues from all across the country as they write for Government Bytes and assist our communications staff. Sam Jordan has particularly enjoyed writing for the blog because it has kept her abreast of the latest current events and allowed her to expose government waste and federal inefficiencies. NTUF’s other communications intern, Jihun Han, who wants to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, has had the opportunity to edit several of NTUF’s podcasts over the course of the summer.  This, along with his research into news stories, has helped prepare him for an effective future in the media.

Creative Content Intern JR Ridley came to NTUF with some web and graphic design experience, and he hoped to develop his skills further. JR describes his work as “not so much an internship as a learning opportunity. No day is ever the same, whether I’m designing website graphics, meeting Congressmen researching bills, or having roundtable lunch discussions. It has been a diverse, unique, and ultimately fulfilling summer for me.”

NTUF’s research interns were very excited to be able to see some of the fruits of their labor from this summer. NTUF’s BillTally report was released in the middle of their internship, so they were able to see their research being published on the website.  Aside from seeing their work used in a meaningful way, our interns were working for a noble cause this summer. Kelly Hastings said it well: “I am motivated by the cause of protecting taxpayers from exploitation and promoting transparency in our government.”

The interns would like to thank NTU and NTUF staff for investing in us this summer. We feel that we have greatly benefited from our work experience and our discussions with you.  Thanks to you, the reader, for taking an interest in us and looking through our interviews. We greatly appreciate your contributions to NTUF’s cause.

Thanks to Catherine Fitzhugh for developing the Profiles in Liberty series and interviewing our interns.