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Beat Back the Wicked Witches of Spending: Donate to NTU Foundation

by Dan Barrett / /

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation wishes you a Happy Halloween! With your help, we can make scary spending scarce!

From commemorating Milton Friedman’s work to giving taxpayers the best and latest research, NTUF has done a lot this year. With the support of taxpayers like you we don’t plan to stop! Now more than ever, NTUF’s timely research and the BillTally project -- the ONLY comprehensive tracking system that looks at what federal legislators want to spend -- is needed to hold back the fiscal phantoms and debt demons.

How can we help save America from the spending specters? By educating citizens on the often complex issues and proposals that make their way through the halls of Congress. NTUF has taxpayers’ backs, arming Americans with knowledge, analysis, and real-time estimates to stay ahead of the most frightening tax and spending legislation being crafted on Capitol Hill.

NTUF’s work doesn’t stop there. Like Van Helsing, we stay vigilant through the dark of night to keep tabs not only on elected officials but candidates seeking reelection or higher office. Just recently, we examined the budgets proposed by New Jersey Senate contenders Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan.

With your $100, $50, or even $25, the best is yet to come. We will continue to provide insights and analysis the hard numbers behind politicians’ soft talk, but we need your help! NTUF doesn’t take public dollars. We depend on the help of Americans like you to bring our timely and important research to taxpayers across the country.

THANK YOU for your past support. We look forward to working together for a better future.