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50 State Flyby

by Brent Mead / /

Obviously the big news all week was the continuing government shutdown in Minnesota.  NTU sent out an open letter to the Minnesota Legislature to continue to oppose Governor Dayton’s multi-billion dollar tax hike scheme. 

The latest development is the somewhat predictable call for higher taxation from a bi-partisan deficit commission.  The Carlson-Mondale panel called for billions in new taxes, ranging from a cigarette tax increase to an across the board 4% income tax hike.  Overtaxation does not and cannot fix an overspending problem. 

New York

In better news, Governor Cuomo officially signed legislation capping property-tax increases.  The new law caps increases at the lesser of 2% or rate of inflation.  Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Cuomo stated;

"What government has to realize is it can't just continually raise taxes because the taxpayers can't pay it anymore. People are leaving the state, businesses are leaving the state."

NTU supported Governor Cuomo’s efforts when he included a property tax cap in his budget proposal and this week marks a solid victory for Empire State taxpayers.

New Jersey

On the other side of the Hudson, Assembly leaders have called for hearings to examine Governor Christie’s $1 billion in line-item cuts to the $30.6 billion budget.  While Democrats in the legislature lack the necessary numbers to override the vetoes without Republican support, these hearings will be worth tracking to gauge what sort of a path the state is heading down going into this year’s elections.

New Hampshire

In another big win for taxpayers, NTU supported legislation was signed into law granting local municipalities the ability to once again cap property taxes.  NTU testified on behalf of SB 2 and it is good to see local taxpayers back in control.


Cut, Cap, and Balance is gaining momentum with another Governor, Scott Parnell, signing the pledge.  Governor Parnell joins Rick Perry in Texas, Nikki Haley in South Carolina, and Gary Herbert in Utah in opposition to an unconditional increase of the debt ceiling.  If you haven’t already, take a few minutes and sign the pledge yourself.