Will Virginia Gov. McDonnell Veto His Own $6.1B Tax Plan?

"I’m going to be able to find other ways to fund transportation.” –Bob McDonnell, September 2009

Now, when asked about taxpayers’ backlash to his 5-year, $6.1 billion tax hike, Governor Bob McDonnell is all smiles.

“Listen, I’ve been looking all over the state for contractors who will build our roads for free,” McDonnell joked in a recent interview. “Haven’t found any of them yet!”

As a Virginia taxpayer, I’m not amused. McDonnell campaigned against transportation tax hikes. Now, he’s thrilled that the Virginia General Assembly approved his colossal tax increase.

Friday’s PolitiFact piece shows the full extent of the Governor’s flip-flop. In a 2009 campaign ad, he declared, "My plan: New money for transportation, while protecting education and not raising taxes.”

See for yourself:

McDonnell still hasn’t signed his $6.1 billion tax monster into law, but judging by his eagerness to defend this “historic accomplishment,” Virginia taxpayers should brace themselves.