Water Protection, Textile Tariffs Featured in Latest Taxpayer's Tab

The •ÈÀlatest Taxpayer’s Tab-- the NTU Foundation’s up-to-the-minute BillTally research newsletter -- brings you four more Congressional bills, all of which might affect you if they were enacted. One bill would mandate private insurers to expand breast cancer treatments. That bill was our Most Friended bill of the week with 252 House cosponsors. If you follow the NTUF Twitter feed, you would know the most expensive bill of the week would take new tax dollars and create a trust fund for water research and development.

Another bill would institute another tax on clothing importers, where the money would research US textile competitiveness. Is a friend looking to buy some Underarmor? Forward the Taxpayer’s Tab so they’ll know what Congress plans to tailor for us all.

The bills covered in the newest Taxpayer’s Tab include:

  • HR 3202, Water Protection and Reinvestment Act
  • HR 6134, To provide for a 10 percent reduction in pay for Members of Congress; to make Federal civilian employees subject to a period of mandatory unpaid leave, and to reduce appropriations for salaries and expenses for offices of the legislative branch, during fiscal year 2011; and for other purposes
  • HR 1691/S 688, Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act
  • S 1439/HR 3168, United States Optimal Use of Trade to Develop Outerwear and Outdoor Recreation (OUTDOOR) Act

With 34 days till Election Day 2010, are you aware of Congress’ potential spending agenda? If not, subscribe to the Tab and arm yourself with the best information from THE source of Congressional research: NTU Foundation.