Vote Yes on S. 372: The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act

     NTU urges all Members to vote “Yes” on S. 372, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, which passed the Senate by unanimous consent. While additional whistleblower matters may deserve consideration in the 112th Congress, S. 372 must be enacted now; it represents admirable progress toward ensuring that those with credible information about fiscal mismanagement in the federal government are protected from retaliation.

     Recent legislation such as theFederal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act and the Improper PaymentsElimination and Recovery Act can’t possibly work as intended without otherreforms across the entire government’s fiscal practices. For the better part ofa decade, one of those missing reforms – comprehensive whistleblowerprotections – has stalled despite the best efforts of citizen groups across thepolitical spectrum. All the while,taxpayers have been treated to a lamentable litany of fiscal scandals, even as whistleblowerprovisions for non-federal workers were strengthened. These developments,combined with growing concern over the political insulation of InspectorsGeneral, have further eroded the confidence of conscientious federal employeesin reporting waste, fraud, and abuse without fear of reprisal. The House shouldbegin the vital task of restoring this confidence, by passing the remediallegislation now before it. “Waiting until next year” is not anacceptable alternative for taxpayers.

     Far from being a radical measure, S. 372 strikes a prudent balance between safeguarding tax dollars as well as national security, and would help to discourage irresponsible WikiLeaks-style disclosures – all without worsening flawed federal workplace rules that contribute to an entrenched bureaucracy. Roll call votes on S. 372 will be significantly weighted in our annual Rating of Congress.

If you have any questions, please contact:
NTU Executive Vice President Pete Sepp at (703) 683-5700