Trade Expert Bryan Riley Joins NTU as Director of NTU's Free Trade Initiative

National Taxpayers Union (NTU) is excited to announce the addition of Bryan Riley to our staff as the Director of NTU's Free Trade Initiative. Bryan brings years of experience as a trade expert, including most recently working at The Heritage Foundation as the Jay Van Andel Senior Trade Policy Analyst. Bryan’s background also includes experience in grassroots campaigns on issues such as NAFTA and working on the annual Heritage Index of Economic Freedom.

According to Bryan, “NTU is a great organization, and one that is well-positioned to lead the fight for free trade. As President Reagan observed, one of the key factors behind our nation's great prosperity is the open trade policy that allows the American people to freely exchange goods and services with free people around the world.”

“Having such a talented person as Bryan join our team could not have come at a better moment,” NTU President Pete Sepp said. “Reducing tariffs, which are essentially taxes, and easing other protectionist barriers can have a tremendously positive economic and fiscal impact. Bryan’s deep expertise on current and proposed laws, inside knowledge of the political factors behind trade policies, and unsurpassed communication skills on the benefits of free trade will all make a vital contribution to a debate that increasingly matters to taxpayers. Forward for free trade!”

NTU has a long history of fighting on behalf of taxpayers on Capitol Hill, not only when it comes to tax reform but on a wide range of issues including trade policy. The organization provided key grassroots backing for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which passed in the previous Congress, and has been a constructive voice in the development of trade agreements over more than 25 years.