To Step Up for Taxpayers, House Must Pass Trade Promotion Authority

(Alexandria, VA) – National Taxpayers Union (NTU) applauds the announcement that the House of Representatives will vote on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) this Friday. With the Senate already passing this vital legislation, the House must now follow suit. To date, over ten thousand NTU activists have contacted their Representatives in support of TPA.

NTU President Pete Sepp offered the following statement encouraging Members of Congress to do the right thing for taxpayers and the economy by passing TPA:

“Trade Promotion Authority is a sensible, tried-and-true mechanism that is essential for enacting agreements that will benefit taxpayers. Without TPA, there is little hope for future trade pacts with our international allies, and tariffs, which are nothing more than taxes on international commerce, will likely rise.

“That is the message the House must hear as they move closer to a vote on TPA.

“Expanding trade and opening new markets abroad would provide Americans with more economic opportunities and prosperity. 

“That is why over ten thousand (and growing) NTU activists have contacted their Representatives to urge them to pass TPA.

“Members of Congress who say they stand behind taxpayers must now stand up for TPA, and beware of misguided or overblown arguments of opponents.

“Concerns that TPA would give the President too much power are not based in reality; nor are myths about undermining U.S. sovereignty or allowing for runaway immigration. These are fables mostly promoted by groups that fundamentally oppose the expansion of trade.

“A vote against TPA is a vote for higher taxes and a less competitive America. Public officials who support limited government and economic freedom must back TPA now – taxpayers are counting on Congress!”

For a complete breakdown of the flawed arguments against TPA read NTU’s “Fables and Facts” HERE.