Tell state legislators to protect taxpayers on local infrastructure projects!

Dear Taxpayer:

An important piece of legislation is currently working its way through the Indiana General Assembly and has major implications for taxpayers in the Hoosier State. Senate Bill 68, which recently passed a Senate committee, would help to uphold the vital pro-taxpayer principle of open competition in water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

Basically, the bill seeks to get the private sector more involved in the water infrastructure bidding process by requiring that public officials consider all piping materials  (such as PVC) when updating or replacing current water and sewer systems. This means agencies would examine every option, not just the ones they’ve been using out of habit. Find out more about the bill by clicking here.

By allowing greater competition in this process, there is immense potential for achieving budget savings and increasing the durability of our water infrastructure from threats like corrosion. And with an estimated replacement cost of more than a trillion dollars, there’s a lot at stake for all of us. Clearly, the passage of Senate Bill 68 would be a solid victory for taxpayers and utility consumers, who would get the value they deserve.

Please contact your state lawmakers today and urge them to vote YES on Senate Bill 68.

Gregory Baird, President of the Water Finance Research Foundation (WFRF), said it best when he wrote, “The issue at hand is not really the selection of one pipe over another, but the ability for a utility to take advantage of all materials, processes, technologies, and products that create the most cost-effective solution while meeting sustainable performance levels.”

Click HERE to find contact information for your state legislators.

At National Taxpayers Union, we’re committed to achieving better stewardship and allocation of your hard-earned tax dollars at all levels of government, and we feel strongly that Senate Bill 68 would be a step in the right direction for you and your neighbors in Indiana. Please act today!


Your Grassroots Action Team at NTU

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