Taxpayer's Tab Covers Veteran Benefits, Arson Database in New Issue

Through this busy election season, NTU Foundation continues to score the bills Congress has introduced to keep taxpayers informed. The top potential spending, savings, and law changes are again highlighted in this week’s Taxpayer’s Tab. Issue 16 examines bills that would expand military veteran and personnel educational benefits, establish an arson database, and provide for improved prison conditions throughout the world.

The latest Taxpayer’s Tab covers the following bills:

  • S 3447/HR 5933, Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Improvements Act
  • S 1684/HR 1784, Managing Arson Though Criminal History (MATCH) Act of 2010
  • HR 6153/S 3798, Foreign Prison Conditions Improvement Act

Also, the Tab highlights the recent U.S. Senate Candidate Spending Analyses, which NTUF has release over the past two weeks. So far, five Pennsylvania and Florida candidates have been highlighted for their spending agendas. Some would increase while others would decrease federal spending. NTUF will be releasing more reports in the coming week. Be sure to stay up-to-date on all the latest research by checking out the NTUF homepage and following the official @NTUF Twitter feed.