Taxpayers Spoke on November 8

Pete Sepp, NTU’s President, commented on the outcome of the election, "While stunned pundits chatter on about the winners and losers of the 2016 elections, it's important to recognize a simple fact: time and again, the most important people in so many of these contests were the nation's taxpayers. Their voices, which echoed across demographic, geographic, and partisan lines, resulted in remarkable victories on behalf of limited government,” he said. “Ballot measures proposing steep tax hikes in places ranging from Oregon to Colorado, right to the suburbs of the nation's capital, went down to resounding defeat. On Tuesday, all but one of the dozens of Congress Members who received NTU's most recent Taxpayers' Friend Award for their fiscal voting records secured re-election to their current posts. They'll be joined by President-elect Trump who has an ambitious fiscal policy agenda.

Sepp concluded, “As NTU has learned from hard experience, however, none of these developments guarantee that tax reform, spending restraint, or regulatory relief will suddenly become a reality. Now more than ever before, reaching these vital goals will require constructive participation in the legislative process, principled cooperation, and plain persistence in the face of inevitable obstacles. The stage has been set for genuine progress on behalf of the people who pay government's bills -- NTU will eagerly stand tall on that stage, speaking out every day as the Voice of America's Taxpayers. Forward!"