Taxpayers Pay the Price at the Polls, Shows NTU Annual Ballot Guide

Sales taxes, property taxes, bond issues, regulations -- Americans in several states face important decisions on these matters in less than a week. That’s why today, National Taxpayers Union (NTU) released its annual Ballot Guide to help serve as a reference for taxpayers as they head for the ballot box November 7th. The guide includes local ballot initiatives, referenda, and voter-determined constitutional amendments on election slates that impact taxpayers’ bottom lines.

Even with so many eyes in Washington focused on federal tax reform, NTU has diligently compiled and analyzed issues affecting taxpayers at every level. In this year’s Ballot Guide, NTU examined 44 state and local questions that could significantly -- even dramatically -- alter the size, scope, and cost of government in eight different states. From parcel taxes in California, to reforms for public officials’ pensions in New York, to potentially dangerous price controls on medicines in Ohio, the NTU Ballot Guide has them covered.

Thomas Aiello, Policy and Government Affairs Associate at NTU said, “Having access to in-depth information is key to having a successful democracy. Often, the most important policy changes occur at the state and local level, even though they can be overshadowed by events in Washington. This guide is intended to help all taxpayers become well-informed about how each measure will impact their wallets and and their communities. NTU is proud to provide this resource to vigilant taxpayers across the country.”

The Ballot Guide, published for informational and analytical purposes only, is available online at