Reducing Federal Workforce, Gun Law Modernization in Taxpayer's Tab

This week, the Taxpayer’s Tab brings you a Most Friended bill with the most cosponsors to date, 240 Congressmen and 35 Senators. Think you know what the bill covers? The answer may surprise you. NTU Foundation also presents a Least Expensive Bill section only rivaled by Issue 2’s HR 5615, which repealed the medical device tax. To check out all the exciting content the Taxpayer’s Tab offers you, subscribe and help NTUF bring Congress’s potential spending agendas to light.

The Taxpayer’s Tab Issue 11 content includes:

  • HR 2263, Disability Equity Act
  • HR 5348/S 3747, Federal Workforce Reduction Act
  • HR 2296/S 941, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Reform and Firearms Modernization Act
  • S 3557, Sandy Feldman Kindergarten Plus Act

The NTUF Policy Analysis Team has received many requests for bill cost estimates. Do you have a suggestion? Email us and let us know what’s important to you! While you’re emailing us, send your friends a copy of the Tab and tell them if they followed us on Twitter, they could stay on top of all the ongoing research.