NTU Urges South Carolina Public Service Commission to Reject Cell Phone Tax Hike

On Tuesday, the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC) will hear arguments about whether to apply a new tax to cell phones in the Palmetto State in order to line the pockets of major telecommunications corporations. With the help of its South Carolina members, National Taxpayers Union (NTU) was able to thwart legislative efforts to raise cell phone taxes earlier this year. Having lost in the General Assembly, proponents of this tax hike scheme have shifted strategy and have now resorted to making their case to state regulators at the PSC. On behalf of its thousands of South Carolina members, NTU urges the PSC to follow the General Assembly’s lead and reject additional cell phone taxes.

NTU’s Executive Vice President, Brandon Arnold said, “proponents of the cell phone tax hike apparently didn’t get the message earlier this year – hardworking South Carolinians do not want additional taxes imposed on their cell phone bills. Like we did when the legislation was before the General Assembly, National Taxpayers Union is ready to work diligently to defend Palmetto State taxpayers from this ill-conceived proposal.”