NTU Urges All Senators to Vote YES on Earmark Moratorium and Repeal New 1099 Requirements

     NTU urges all Senators to vote “YES” on motions introduced by Senators Tom Coburn and Mike Johanns to implement a binding earmark moratorium and to repeal the onerous 1099 reporting requirement in the health care law.

     The earmark motion, offered by Senators Coburn, McCaskill, McCain, and Udall, would allow Members to raise points of order against any bill that includes an earmark. Congressional earmarks pave the way for government expansion while also serving to further undermine Americans’ deteriorating trust in the leaders who serve them. A two-year moratorium would make great strides in protecting taxpayers from the handouts that have deservedly generated much public hostility.

     The 1099 reporting mandate constitutes a burdensome and unnecessary requirement that would hurt as many as 40 million businesses, many of which are already struggling amidst the current economic climate. The Johanns motion would fully repeal the 1099 reporting requirement without picking winners and losers or instituting tax hikes elsewhere.

     In order to protect the interests of taxpayers, we implore you to support Senator Coburn’s earmark moratorium as well as Senator Johanns’ effort to repeal the 1099 mandate. Roll call votes on both pieces of legislation will be significantly weighted in our annual Rating of Congress.

If you have any questions, please contact:
NTU Federal Government Affairs Manager Jordan Forbesat (703) 683-5700