NTU Statement on President Trump's Tax Reform Speech

NTU President Pete Sepp stated, "Ultimately, tax reform is not about making endless technical corrections to the Tax Code, or poring over income distribution tables, or political maneuvering. It's about giving back time as well as money to real, live people who want to take care of their families. It's about freeing small business owners to concentrate on getting ahead rather than worrying about arcane tax rules. It's about allowing our innovative companies to compete abroad and deliver more jobs at home. President Trump is ideally suited to communicating this vital message across America. His leadership, and the leadership of Congress, can get tax reform over the finish line and give everyone the better opportunities they deserve."

NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold said, "This afternoon, President Trump will have an ideal platform to promote the merits of tax reform to everyday, hardworking Americans. The current, broken tax code imposes a $262 billion burden on the economy -- a hefty weight that is shouldered by taxpayers across the economic spectrum. By working cooperatively with leadership in Congress, the President has a historic opportunity to dramatically ease this financial burden while stimulating growth and the creation of new jobs."