NTU Statement on "Buy American" Executive Order

Today, NTU President Pete Sepp issued the following statement on the reported "Buy American" Executive Order being signed by President Trump.

"Today's Executive Order will not make America's medical supply chain safer or more secure. Instead, it will increase costs for taxpayers and risk retaliatory behavior from our allies, while weakening the global supply chain that helps deliver medical goods and supplies to every American citizen. 'Buy American' mandates are inefficient and ineffective at any time, but they are particularly risky and counterproductive during a pandemic that has strained both the domestic and global movement of goods."

"There are ways for the Administration and Congress to challenge and compete with China that do not punish American taxpayers or the dozens of allies with whom the U.S. has a mutually beneficial economic relationship. In fact, China may even benefit from increased conflict between the United States and our allies. The President's visit to Whirlpool today could have served as an excellent opportunity to announce the removal of steel and aluminum tariffs that cost the company millions of dollars per month, and that continue to burden many elements of the U.S. manufacturing sector."

"As more than 250 leading economists put it in a recent letter on 'Buy American' mandates, '...the United States and its trading partners should pursue policies that make medical supplies more plentiful and affordable. Costly protectionism should not be foisted on patients at home and abroad.' There are numerous ways for policymakers to make it more affordable for companies to invest in American manufacturing, all without disrupting the global medical supply chain. NTU hopes it can work with the Administration and Congress on these pro-growth policies, which would benefit American companies, workers, and taxpayers. Unfortunately, Buy American mandates, like those in today's Executive Order, will harm America's economic recovery and its global competitiveness."