NTU Responds to President's Economic Speech: More Words Won't Work

In response to the President's remarks on the economy today, National Taxpayers Union Executive Vice President Pete Sepp offered the following comment:

"If rhetoric from politicians could move an economy, America would be experiencing the most muscular recovery in its history. The fact that the economy is still struggling to find its feet is a sign that Washington needs to retool its deeds, not just its words, and President Obama can lead the way.

"This means getting serious about relieving the burdens of big government on businesses that are still uncertain about their future, even with a one-year temporary reprieve from the costly health coverage mandate. It means pursuing across-the-board tax reform and simplification that will enhance our competitiveness at home and abroad. It means restraining the growth of federal programs, especially entitlements, right now so we can avoid a national debt crisis of unparalleled proportions not too far down the road. It means allowing the development of energy resources in our own backyard that can provide jobs and prosperity to so many families. After today's speech, Americans will be waiting to see if the President, and leaders in Congress, are willing to do the work that will make these priorities happen, rather than allow them to languish during another campaign season."