NTU Responds to Joint Statement on Tax Reform

Following the joint statement on tax reform released by the White House and Members of Congress, NTU President Pete Sepp commented, "Congressional and White House leaders have taken one important step forward together on the path toward completing a comprehensive overhaul of the tax system by later this year. More steps are ahead. It took a great deal of effort from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue to get tax reform over the finish line in 1986. Today that element of cooperation, not just between branches of government but between policymakers of both parties, has even greater importance. With a more complex tax system, heavier competitive pressure from other countries, and the pressing need to design laws that won't impede the next wave of economic innovation, time is of the essence to legislate. We are grateful to Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell, Secretary Mnuchin, Director Cohn, Chairman Hatch, and Chairman Brady for recognizing this urgency. NTU and its colleagues are eager to move forward with them and achieve the pro-growth, pro-taxpayer reforms that Americans have long awaited ... and long deserved."