NTU Releases Annual “Rates Congress” and Recognizes Taxpayer Friends

National Taxpayers Union (NTU) rates U.S. Representatives and Senators yearly on all votes cast that affect taxpayers through spending, debt, and changes on taxes. While many organizations focus only on a handful of votes, NTU fairly and accurately evaluates votes and spending evenly. Regardless of political affiliation, all members of Congress are treated equally as votes are evaluated in how they impact overburdened taxpayers across the country.

The Taxpayer Score measures every member’s support level to cut spending, reducing regulations, and opposition to increasing taxes.

Members who receive an “A” have been the strongest supporters of sound tax and spending policies. These Members of Congress receive our “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” for their hard work and dedication to fighting for good policies and lower taxes for all Americans. Those who receive a “B” have proven to have a “good” voting record on controlling spending and taxes, as well as voting in favor of taxpayers most of the time. Earning a “C” indicates the minimal acceptance on their voting record to fight against increased taxes and spending. Those who receive a “D” or “F” reflect those members who have not fought against increased spending and tax policies. These “Big Spenders” are those who NTU views as not voting in support of taxpayers interests, but instead for increased government spending and control.

Every roll call vote in the First Session of the 114th Congress was analyzed for this year’s Rates Congress, and those that affected the amounts of federal taxes, spending, debt, or regulations were included in the grade evaluations. There were 141 votes in the Senate and 267 in the House that involved appropriations, tax bills, amendments, and certain procedural votes that affect the financial burden on taxpayers.

The number of votes included in this year’s analysis reflects an objective and nonpartisan weighting of the votes, calculated, and numerous error checks ensure the highest possible level of accuracy in the data. While we believe this method is the most accurate, no study or analysis can fully evaluate every Member’s overall record.

NTU is thankful for those who have fought this year and previous years to fight against increased regulations, bad tax policy, and increasing the size of government. We look forward to the ongoing privilege of being the voice of America’s taxpayers.

To view our Rates Congress results for previous years, please visit our website.