NTU Releases Annual Congressional Fiscal Policy Scorecard for Second Session of the 117th Congress

National Taxpayers Union (NTU) has released its annual report card for the second session of the 117th Congress. NTU's rating system is carefully crafted to assess the voting history of members on matters of fiscal responsibility. This evaluation takes into account every vote that impacts tax, spending, trade, and regulatory policies, employing a systematic and structured weighting approach. 

NTU established its rating system based on 172 votes in the House of Representatives and 75 votes in the Senate. Earning an 'A' grade, which denotes a score of 90% or higher, is a noteworthy achievement for any legislator. An A grade also will earn the member the Taxpayers’ Friend Award for their steadfast dedication to the interests of taxpayers. For their voting records in the second session of the 117th Congress, NTU will honor a total of 7 Senators and 5 Representatives with the Taxpayers’ Friend Award. This is a marked increase from the previous year, which saw only 6 Senators and 2 Representatives receive the same award.

“In 2022, Congress once again approved massive and excessive spending bills, while generating legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act that will continue to weigh heavily on taxpayers,” said Brandon Arnold, Executive Vice President of NTU. “In this historically challenging environment, taxpayers should know that the Taxpayers Friend award-winners this year championed sustainable spending levels, a pro-growth tax environment, and limited government. National Taxpayers Union thanks every member of Congress who earned an ‘A’ this year on behalf of the people who pay the government's bills."

For over forty years, NTU has assigned a score to each Congress member that reflects the member’s voting record on issues concerning taxpayers. NTU Rates Congress remains the sole fiscal policy scorecard that includes every roll call vote affecting taxpayers, utilizing our sophisticated evaluation process.

To speak with the team that led the calculations behind NTU Rates Congress, including NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold, please contact NTU Vice President of Communications Kevin Glass at 703-683-5700 or kglass@ntu.org.