NTU Commemorates Rep. Sensenbrenner’s Taxpayer Advocacy During His Time In Congress

The National Taxpayers Union would like to congratulate Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) on the news of his impending retirement. Rep. Sensenbrenner has been a true friend to taxpayers over the years, having consistently led all members of Congress in NTU’s congressional ratings scorecard. While his departure from Congress will leave enormous shoes to fill, his long record of public service consistently advocating for pro-taxpayer policy has earned him a successful retirement.
“During his time in Congress, Rep. Sensenbrenner compiled one of the most principled, pro-taxpayer voting records in our nation’s history,” said Brandon Arnold, Executive Vice President of the National Taxpayers Union. “As one of his former staffers, I’m saddened to hear about his retirement, but on behalf of NTU, a congratulations to an excellent career.”
Rep. Sensenbrenner has served in Congress for longer than NTU has conducted our annual scorecard, but in our ratings, the Congressman has a straight-A record - a sterling record that no other lawmaker even approaches. His long and illustrious career has been a success for taxpayers in his home state of Wisconsin and across the country, and he will be missed.