NTU Applauds the FCC's Vote on Internet Freedom

Today the “Restoring Internet Freedom” Notice of Proposed Rule Making is being considered at the FCC’s Open Meeting. This is a very passionate issue for all sides, showing how important it is to ensure an open and transparent process where everyone can submit comments as the proposed rule is considered. 

Attending today’s hearing, NTU Vice President of External Affairs, Rob Shrum commented, “NTU applauds the FCC’s vote today to begin the process of restoring internet freedom for consumers and taxpayers by repealing the 1930’s-era ‘Title II’ regulations on broadband internet service. The heavy-handed regulations, enacted during the Obama administration, put the interests of Washington bureaucrats ahead of consumers and taxpayers. Recent studies have shown that Title II regulations caused a significant drop in network investment which is essential for improving service, speed, and deploying broadband. Today’s move is the first step toward a truly consumer-first internet. We look forward to submitting our comments during this process, and working with Congress to ensure that the framework to guarantee a free and open internet is codified into law.”