NTU Applauds FCC 5G Implementation Proposal

The Federal Communications Commission today adopted Commissioner Brendan Carr’s 5G implementation proposal that would enhance U.S. global competitiveness and cut the costs for deploying new 5G technology by up to 80%. The National Taxpayers Union, on behalf of its members around the country, applauds the FCC’s decision to reform permitting processes and anticipates that this will lead to better connectivity for small businesses across the country and save taxpayer money.

“Reforming the process for 5G deployment will lead to a more connected and  competitive America,” said NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold. “Faster deployment of the next wave of wireless technology will create jobs, reduce government waste, save taxpayer money, and help American businesses stay ahead of the technological curve.”

A recent report from Accenture conducted for CTIA found that arcane permitting processes for 5G infrastructure would cost over $2.4 billion over the next ten years. Reforming the permitting process is necessary for the U.S. to keep pace with technological advancements around the world. NTU is thrilled that the FCC has adopted this proposal, and looks forward to faster access to next-generation 5G technology for Americans everywhere.