NTU Activists Tell South Carolina Public Service Commission to Reject New Cell Taxes

Beginning in the spring, National Taxpayers Union (NTU) warned South Carolina taxpayers that if certain landline telephone companies and politicians have their way, a new tax would be levied on cell phones. Thanks to NTU’s members raising their voices, we succeeded in defeating a legislative attempt to do just that.

Having lost the argument in the South Carolina General Assembly, the crony-capitalist proponents of this ill-conceived idea turned to unelected bureaucrats on the Public Service Commission (PSC) to attempt to raise cell phone taxes.

To push back, NTU’s grassroots supporters in South Carolina have delivered over 9,500 emails to the PSC voicing their objection to the proposed tax hike.

On Tuesday, the PSC heard oral arguments to determine whether to apply the new tax onto cell phone bills. Several of NTU’s dedicated grassroots supporters in South Carolina attended yesterday’s hearing to hand deliver thousands of copies of the emails and voice their personal objections.

After attending Tuesday’s hearing, one NTU member, Cindy Arnold of Myrtle Beach, said the hearing gave her, “an opportunity to not only support something in which I believe, limited taxation, but also to hopefully be able to help my fellow citizens of South Carolina avoid over taxation and an additional strain to meet monthly bills that constantly increase while salaries or fixed incomes remain the same.”

NTU is incredibly grateful to all of our grassroots members in the Palmetto State who voiced their objection to this attempted giveaway to certain politically-connected landline companies.

NTU will keep members abreast of developments on the cell phone tax hike.