Newt Gingrich Inspires

Few political speeches inspire me as much as Newt's normally do. His address at CPAC was no exception. To start things off, he walked in to "Eye of the Tiger" playing on the sound system. Talk about energizing the crowd!

Newt specifically mentioned the tea parties and Contract from America in his effort to make clear that the Congressional majority is scared - "because there are more of us, than there are of them."

Most interestingly, he cited pages 24 and 25 in Speaker Pelosi's health care bill from last year. In a nutshell, these pages give Pelosi, alone, the authority to reduce benefits, raise premiums, or establish waiting lists if initial funds are needed. Who can argue that this is not intrusive government bureaucracy at its worst?! At least we know one person has read the bill.

You rock, Newt. One of my favorite speeches from the whole conference.