National Taxpayers Union Lauds House Passage of Trade Promotion Authority, Urges Senate Action

(Alexandria, VA) – National Taxpayers Union (NTU) applauds the passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) by the U.S. House of Representatives today.  

This legislation would allow our nation to enter into new trade agreements with foreign allies and thereby expand economic growth domestically and abroad.

However, with the failure of related legislation to extend and expand Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), the Senate must now reaffirm its commitment to trade and pass TPA as a stand-alone bill.

“International trade is critical to our economic well being, yet it is nearly impossible to enter into new trade pacts without Trade Promotion Authority. The Senate must now pass TPA on its own and send this critical legislation to the President’s desk,” said NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold.

“Free trade is fundamentally about lower tariffs, which are nothing more than taxes on international commerce. Passage of TPA would allow us to slash these taxes -- opening up foreign markets and reducing the cost of consumer goods. That’s why NTU activists logged over 12,500 calls and emails to their Members of Congress in the past two weeks to support TPA.”

“You cannot have free markets without free trade. The House vote in support of TPA is a huge victory for taxpayers and the economy at large and now the Senate should follow suit,” concluded Arnold.

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