Moylan Moderates CPAC Panel on Mobilizing Grassroots

National Taxpayers Union’s Director of Government Affairs spoke at a CPAC panel focused on helping the grassroots organizers how to organize and to connect with other groups and individuals for promoting greater freedoms. The Saving Freedom One Patriot at a Time panel had many prominent innovators of the freedom movement: The interesting discussion ranged in both scope and application of mobilizing local citizens for the cause of liberty and freedom. Dana Loesch said, “go to your neighborhood waterhole and take them over… don’t ever become predictable… [and] never let opposition define your boundaries.” Jenny Martin, who helped organize the 9-12 March on Washington, made the goal of doubling, if not tripling, the number of Tax Day Tea Parties, numbering over 850 last year. The underlying point of the panel was, get connected and get active in the movement to make the government for the people, not against the people. NTU has many ways for you to get involved in our efforts for limited government, lower taxes, and greater freedom:
  • Visit and often for up-to-date developments and grassroots events going on around the country
  • Text “Fight” to 67292 for NTU’s “Team Taxpayer” text system. You will receive timely alerts about pieces of legislation that affects you and your locality, limited government rallies and events going on in your community, and have to opportunity to speak with YOUR elected official with just a push of a button.
  • Join the National Taxpayers Union community on our Facebook Group, Twitter Account, and Email Newsletters.
Andrew Moylan also mentioned two ways to help develop new legislation and to show leaders in Washington DC we mean business when it comes to defending our freedom:
  • Contract from America is a project to bring normal Americans together to generate a list of changes America needs and alternatives to take America. Voting is currently going on to narrow down the impressive list of policy changes and will be presented on April 15th.
  • Participate in 9-12-2010. Be a part of year two of the March that changed attitudes across the country and in the halls of Congress.