Mike Pence speaks to CPAC bloggers

Speaking exclusively to CPAC bloggers a stone’s throw away from the CPAC main stage, Indiana Representative Mike Pence cited the “Founders understood the real check on government is a free press” and made himself available for questions. Being the first Congressman who started a blog, Pence believes “blogging breaks down the barriers” between the Congress and The People.

When asked if he was planning to run for President, he responded with no plans but to serve the Indiana people in Washington DC and to “do everything for the next 9 months to return the Congress to the American people.” He believes it’s halftime in the locker room and gave a “100%” chance of a takeover of the House. But he was sure to clarify: the “question now is…I don’t think we need to take a Republican majority to Cap Hill, we need a conservative majority to retake Cap Hill.”

With regards to Senator Even Bayh’s decision to not run for reelection, Representative Pence was humbled by the response and encouragement from around the country when he considered a Senate run. He announced before the Senator that he would not run for the office. “For now…I felt my duty was to keep my hands on the plow…I believe Republicans will take that seat.”

For taxpayers, Pence said to stay tuned for possible Constitutional proposals to rein in spending.