McClintock Is a Smart Pick for Budget and Spending Task Force

Yesterday, Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Mark Walker (R-NC) announced the appointment of Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) to helm the RSC’s Budget and Spending Task Force in the new Congress. McClintock has an outstanding track record when it comes to reducing wasteful spending and standing up for taxpayers; he’s a smart pick in a time when critical fiscal issues will be coming to a head.

McClintock has a perfect, straight-A rating on the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) annual Rating of Congress - and was #1 in the House of Representatives two years running. With a focus on tax, spending, and regulatory bills, lawmakers’ scores essentially reflect their perspective on the size and scope of government. Because NTU includes each and every roll call vote with a fiscal impact, a consistent dedication to limited government and free market principles are required to secure our “Taxpayers’ Friend Award.”

In 2015, ahead of yet another debt ceiling showdown, NTU proudly supported McClintock’s “Default Prevention Act,” legislation that would have eliminated the threat of a default crisis by  permitting the Treasury Department to borrow funds for debt and Social Security payments. By preserving financial stability in this way, his legislation removed the potential for lawmakers to politicize the debt ceiling issue. McClintock (and his staff) also have a keen eye for opportunities to cut wasteful spending, such as zombie earmarks, Amtrak subsidies, and duplicative corporate welfare programs.

With another debt ceiling crisis looming on the legislative horizon, and tough decisions required to restrain our growing debt, Rep. McClintock is the perfect choice to lead the RSC into these coming fights.