It’s National Clean Energy Week – an Important Time for Taxpayers

Today marks the start of National Clean Energy Week, a celebration of sound policies and the innovative spirit that will help provide cleaner and more affordable energy to all Americans. National Taxpayers Union is proud to participate in and sponsor National Clean Energy Week, as we have long supported an all-of-the-above approach to energy policy that encourages innovation and efficiency.  
For instance, we strongly believe that changes to the tax code, like the full and permanent expensing of research and development (R&D) investments will help unleash innovation. Additionally, we support thoughtful approaches to incentivize emissions reductions, like the Growing Climate Solutions Act, which facilitates the voluntary disclosure of such activities. 
Unfortunately, some in Washington have pushed for heavy-handed government mandates and strictures in the energy sector. This is a misguided approach. Instead, free market solutions are the best way to create an environment that allows our innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to bring about cleaner, more affordable energy solutions. That’s why NTU is pleased to be a part of National Clean Energy Week.