Hoosier Taxpayers Score Significant Victory

Earlier this week, the Indiana Legislature passed an $800 million road funding bill that does not raise gasoline or cigarette taxes. The measure is expected to receive the signature of Governor Mike Pence in short order.  

Rather than raising gasoline and cigarette taxes as was initially proposed, the final measure will tap into the Hoosier State’s reserve fund and shift some revenue generated by the current gasoline tax to transportation infrastructure improvements. National Taxpayers Union (NTU) previously weighed in on the initial plan to significantly hike taxes – urging lawmakers to reject them.  

Make no mistake: this was a significant victory for taxpayers in the Hoosier State. The powerful Speaker of the House initially put his weight behind the ill conceived tax hike plan, but ultimately taxpayers prevailed. As always, NTU will continue to monitor state legislative efforts to raise taxes and vigorously defend the pocketbooks of hardworking taxpayers.