Give Floridians a Break: Cut Taxes on TV and Cell Phones

Dear Florida State Legislator:

On behalf of National Taxpayers Union’s members in Florida, I am writing in support of much-needed tax relief for the residents of the Sunshine State.

In particular, I urge support of the plan offered by Governor Rick Scott to save taxpayers $470 million by cutting the wireless phone and television tax rates by 3.6 percentage points. This proposal has been introduced as a stand-alone bill by Sen. Dorothy Hukill as SB 110. In the House, it has been included in a larger package of tax reductions introduced by Rep. Matt Gaetz as HB 7141.

The communications tax cut proposal would drop the  9.17 percent tax rate on nonresidential landlines, cell phone, and cable services to 5.57 percent. Furthermore, the 13.7 percent on satellite television services would fall to 9.57 percent. For consumers who spend an average of $100 a month on these services, this plan could mean a savings of $43 a year. With federal and local taxes piled on top of the state communications sales tax, some families currently pay a telecom tax bill as high as 22 percent.

These taxes create an enormous burden on consumers trying to stay plugged into today’s modern economy, where cell phones and other communications services aren’t a luxury – but a necessity. For low-income families, who pay a disproprotionately high share of their incomes on cell phone and other services, these taxes are especially difficult to bear.

It is clear that the communications tax cut proposal would be a boon for Florida’s families. I hope you will support the plan and work toward its swift enactment into law.


Brandon Arnold
Executive Vice President