Book Review: Taxpayers Don't Stand A Chance

Matt Mayer, a friend of NTU and former President of Ohio’s terrific Buckeye Institute, has written an enlightening book describing the political failures of an important battleground state and the resulting national implications. The book, Taxpayers Don’t Stand A Chance, is a detailed look at why Ohio, once a leader in the national economy, has been in decline in recent years. Mayer provides countless examples to demonstrate how politicians are putting their own interests first and the fallout in the Buckeye State and the rest of the country.

 Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance takes an in-depth look at how bias in the media provides voters with a lack of coverage for conservative ideas. The difficulty of publicizing free-market ideas helps create an environment where politicians remain loyal to unions and special interests at the expense of taxpayers. Mayer also highlights the importance of Ohio as a notorious “swing state” in Presidential elections and other national policy matters.

 The book is a brilliant description of the serious problems facing Ohio, how they impact the rest of the country, and what taxpayers in the state and across the country can do about it. It is a must-read for anyone interested in politics as well as those who are concerned about the direction America is heading in. In a characteristically selfless move, Mayer will donate all of the proceeds from the book to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library.

 Ohio, like many Midwestern states, faces tremendous fiscal and economic challenges in its future. Matt Mayer’s Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance is a great explanation of how the state got to where it is today, and how it might navigate toward smoother sailing in the future.

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