Ann Coulter at CPAC 2010

Ann Coulter addressed the crowd around noon today. Her quick wit and blunt words rocked the crowd as she gave her take on prevailing political climate. I'll do all of you a favor and refrain from touching on the bulk of her speech that was unsurprisingly offensive and borderline inappropriate, but she did make some humorous (and true!) points.

Speaker Pelosi has referred to opponents of big government as "anti-American." Harry Reid has referred to them as "evil-mongers," while CNN prefers the term "teabaggers." Say what you want about Coulter, but I find these words far more offensive than anything she said in her speech. Fighting the status quo does not make you "anti-American." It makes you brave. It makes you a leader, a patriot. Whether you put these derogatory terms aside or let them light your fire is irrelevant. The important thing is that we "opponents of big government" keep fighting for less bureaucracy and more transparency and accountability. The American people have spoken up and they are on our side.

Coulter also joked that it would be ideal for the Republican Party to wait until October 2012 before they announce their nominee to run against President Obama. Her reasoning was that the media consistently seeks to crucify any and all political leaders - both professionally and personally - no matter how great they are. Despite your party affiliation, I think we can all agree with this claim.

In the future, I hope we strive to get away from political sensationalism and focus on the real issues. Ironic that I'd have the realization during Coulter's speech, but it's important that we try. Nonetheless, she was sharp. She was funny. She was a hit at CPAC 2010.