$14.5 Billion Bill Highlighted in The Taxpayer‘s Tab

Issue 22 brings taxpayers a newly scored bill, the Seniors Protection Act, which would require the federal government to pay federal benefits recipients $250 if a Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) does not occur. The COLA is explained in further detail in the Tab. This year, a COLA was not implemented and so would cost taxpayers $14.5 billion. The bill would require this kind of mechanism to be in place in future payment increase considerations.

Bills covered in the latest Taxpayer’s Tab include:

  • H.R. 5987, Seniors Protection Act of 2010; H.R. 6294, Social Security Safety Dividend Act
  • H.R. 1875/S. 3893, a bill to establish the Emergency Trade Deficit Commission, and for other purposes
  • H.R. 6130, Strengthening Medicare Anti-Fraud Measures Act of 2010
  • H.R. 6383, Bed Bug Prevention and Mitigation Pilot Program Act

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