Trade Promotion Authority Heads to House After Senate Victory

by Douglas Kellogg / /

In case you missed the final vote late Friday as you embarked upon the long Memorial Day weekend, the Senate convincingly passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) 62-37. Now the measure heads to the House for “the toughest legislative battle of the year.”

The Senate vote represents a major win for taxpayers as TPA moves one step closer to being enacted. The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty that would then make its way toward a Congressional vote would bring the U.S together with Pacific allies like Australia and Japan.

More open access to more markets for American businesses is a boon to the economy.

Though that point is getting across, there are still concerns floating in the House that are similar to those NTU has already debunked, see: “Fables and Facts: Trade Promotion Authority.”

Don’t let your Representatives fall for these overblown or inaccurate points, head to NTU’s Take Action page to urge them to pass TPA!