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Taxpayer's Tab: How Much Could be Raised with Tax Hikes on the Top 1 Percent?

by Demian Brady December 15, 2015


Rick Santorum Previews His Flat Tax Plan

by Demian Brady September 24, 2015


IRS Security Breach Impacts 100,000 Taxpayers

May 28, 2015

Taxpayer's Tab 

Taxpayer's Tab: Who Pays Income Taxes?

by Demian Brady March 05, 2015


A $34,000 Mistake: the IRS and Civil Asset Forfeiture

October 31, 2014


Research Refresher: Special NTUF Paper on the Need for Tax Reform

September 27, 2014

Policy Paper 

The Need for Tax Reform: Simplicity, Savings, and Security

September 22, 2014


Florida's 19th Special House Election: A Budgetary Guide

June 20, 2014