Publications : Global Taxpayer Issues


Relief Needed from Unaccountable Foreign Accounts Tax Law

by Demian Brady, Jacob Plott August 17, 2018


Americans Abroad Are Fed Up with FATCA

by Demian Brady November 17, 2016


Latest Taxpayer's Tab: OECD Backs $68 Billion in Proposals

by Michael Tasselmyer November 23, 2014

Taxpayer's Tab 

Taxpayer's Tab: A $68 Billion Hit to Your Wallet

by Dan Barrett November 21, 2014

Policy Paper 

Continental Drift: OECD’s Imported Fiscal Policies for America

by Michael Tasselmyer, Demian Brady November 19, 2014


The G20 Meets This Weekend. Which Nation is Deepest in Debt?

by Michael Tasselmyer November 14, 2014

Press Release 

Travelers, Tourism Businesses to Face "Unhappy Landings" if UN-Backed Airline Tax Succeeds, Study Concludes

November 05, 2009