Publications : Flat Tax

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Taxpayer's Tab: How Much Could be Raised with Tax Hikes on the Top 1 Percent?

by Demian Brady December 15, 2015

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Taxpayers Tab: Who Pays Income Taxes?

by Demian Brady December 07, 2015


Rand Paul's Tax Reform Plan: What It Means

by Michael Tasselmyer June 19, 2015

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Taxpayer's Tab: America's Tax System: Complex, Convoluted, and Costly

by Dan Barrett, Michael Tasselmyer February 13, 2015


Research Refresher: Special NTUF Paper on the Need for Tax Reform

by Michael Tasselmyer September 27, 2014


NTUF Policy Paper: Tax Code is Costly, Risky

by Michael Tasselmyer September 23, 2014

Policy Paper 

The Need for Tax Reform: Simplicity, Savings, and Security

by Michael Tasselmyer September 22, 2014

Press Release 

To Compete in a Global Economy, U.S. Must Discard Backward-Looking Tax Policy, Study Concludes

November 19, 2009