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Welcome to NTU and Foundation‘s Largest Intern Class Ever!

by Dan Barrett / /

On Thursday, Team Taxpayer welcomed 12 interns to NTU and Foundation headquarters. With the addition of one more today, this is the largest group of students and young professionals that we have ever had in our program. Over the next few months they will learn how to fight for taxpayers across the country, the different ways we connect with taxpayer groups (at the local, state, and national levels), and how the two grassroots nonprofit organizations operate. Check out a short bio on each of them below. Interested in interning at NTU and Foundation in the future? Check out our programs.

2014 Summer Interns for NTU & NTUF

Government Affairs Interns:

  • Melodie Bowler recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in political science and philosophy. Previously, Melodie researched state tax issues for another organization.
  • Michael Liguori is also a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Aside from working on political campaigns, Michael is working towards an international studies degree.

Foundation Communications Interns:

  • Jihun Han is a student at Syracuse University in New York. He aims to graduate with a degree in broadcast and digital journalism. Jihun has also worked on campaigns in his home state of Oregon.
  • Samantha Jordan goes to George Mason University in Virginia, majoring in economics and Eurasian/Russian studies. Samantha is also on the university’s forensics team.

Foundation Research Interns:

  • Steve Adams is a student at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and is seeking a degree in government. He previously interned in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Paul Bartow hails from Wheaton College in Illinois. He is pursuing a degree in history while also serving as a research intern at the university’s archives.
  • Alex Eblen goes to Rhodes College in Tennessee. His areas of study include political science and international studies. Alex also has experience as a research intern at a property development company.
  • Catherine Fitzhugh studies political science at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. She is also a research fellow for the school’s Center for Vision & Values.
  • Kelly Hastings just graduated from Berry College in Georgia with a degree in economics. She has also served as an economic forecasting intern at the Tennessee Valley Authority.
  • Ian Johnson is an economics student at Brigham Young University in Utah. He is originally from Florida.
  • Gordon Miller studies at Troy University in Alabama. He is working towards a music education degree but has a demonstrated interest in economics as well.
  • John Ridley is a student at Vanderbilt University and studies political science, computer science, and management. He started his own web design company and will also be helping out with NTUF’s technology needs.
  • Daniel Simmons graduated from the University of Houston with his MBA. Previously, he was a personal banker and started his own pressure washing company.

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of talent and a lot of hands on deck to help shine a light on taxpayer issues this summer. NTU and Foundation staff will keep you updated on our internship programs and of the accomplishments of each intern as we work through the summer.

How can you help? Support our interns with a contribution to NTU or NTUF! Our interns need office supplies, transit stipends, and the occasional cup of coffee to help us track government spending. With your donation, they will have the tools they need to fight for you and your tax dollars.