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Washing Away Energy Tax Myths in Washington State

by Rachael Slobodien / /

In the political arena, people often criticize others without researching the facts or by just plain ignoring reality.   It’s not surprising then that the partisans with the Washington State Democrats did just that when they incorrectly linked the National Taxpayers Union’s (NTU’s) work on a campaign fighting against energy tax hikes to the Contract from America.

To set the record straight, NTU led the effort to oppose energy tax increases by reaching out to citizens nationwide (along with supplemental efforts in Washington and elsewhere) to encourage them to contact their Senators. The participation at a grassroots level was overwhelming, and our members’ input helped block Senator Bill Nelson’s recent attempt to increase taxes on hardworking families.

In fact, NTU’s energy ads have nothing to do with Dino Rossi or the Contract from America; they have everything to do with protecting taxpayers. Furthermore, to contend that Rossi was “rewarded” because he signed the Contract from America is misleading.  NTU’s ad campaign did not harm or reward any candidates; rather, it was launched to alert every American to a major fiscal policy issue and give them the information they needed to take action.  NTU’s mission has always been and will remain to help to protect every single American’s right to keep what they’ve earned. 

Before circulating baseless assertions in the future, we encourage the Washington State Democrats to do their homework and get the facts right.  Doing anything less discredits their work and provides a disservice to the taxpayers of Washington. And those taxpayers deserve better.