Government Bytes


The Late Edition: September 30, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Tweet tutoring: The Food and Drug Administration is paying over $182,000 of taxpayer money to an outside group for the expressed purpose of “better understanding” their social media. The agency is currently far behind other agencies in the number of Facebook “likes” and Twitter “mentions”. Read more at the Washington Free Beacon.

Paycheck hypocrisy: An Illinois judge ruled that members of the general assembly will indeed get their taxpayer funded paychecks after Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn forced members of the state legislature to forfeit their salaries until they solved the state’s unfunded pension liability crisis. On top of that, the back pay will have to come with interest.  The Herald Review has more details.

Paper waste: The staff of Florida Rep. Alan Grayson used a bit of their time on the job to pull a prank on a fellow employee.  A member of Rep. Grayson’s district office staff posted a picture of a chair wrapped I toilet paper and a note admitting the deed on an office phone on Facebook.  Presumably, all of this occurred during business hours. Bizpac Review has more.