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The Late Edition: October 21, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

Contracting catastrophe: The Washington Times reports that the Department of Energy’s Inspector general found that of DOE’s $1 billion pay out to contractors, nearly 10 percent of the money went “to pay for food, drinks and entertainment” for the contractors themselves.

Double booking: The Department of Homeland Security spent over $30 million on two programs to track and record immigration and border information. However, a GAO report says the two programs do basically the same thing and use the same technology. The department downplayed the report, rejecting the GAO’s claim that the programs were duplicate waste. More details on FedScoop.

Shady navigators: Former employees of the now infamous community organizing group ACORN have been hired by the government to act as “navigators” for the new healthcare law (Obamacare). A new group, made up of primarily former ACORN staff, received almost half a million dollars for their work. Read more at