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The Late Edition: October 16, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Government ‘Shutdown’: Day 16

Toll hunt: The Texas Department of Transportation is releasing the names of almost 28,000 violators of the state’s highway tolls. The move comes as the state attempts to gain back nearly $27 million in lost revenue.  Read more at KWTX.

Insurance overpay: Fluctuations have been found in the insurance plans for Memphis city and county government employees. Memphis city council chair Edmund Ford, Jr. reported that due to the area’s multiple insurers, the cost of employee insurance is $58 million. If all government employees were on a single plan, the cost would be significantly less. More at WMCTV.

Quadruple contracts: The Government Accountability Office recently reported the Department of Health and Human Services had four “potentially duplicative investments” in enterprise security systems costing taxpayers over $256 million.  The department has said they will look into the matter. Read more at FedScoop.